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Joe Diliberto

/Meet your AR rep

Born in USA, 1979

1997-2002 Studied at Columbia College, IL

     For decades now, I have been on both sides of the fence. I have been an avid musician and fan, and the music industry worker catering to the two. I am interested in working for you (and with you) and I think I can bring much to your table. I welcome an opportunity to discuss with you how I might be able to help you and your company!

     I have negotiated successful endorsement contracts with MANY top notch musical acts. Coming to mutually beneficial terms between entertainers and manufacturers can be a rather challenging task, but this is a focus of business I excel at. I attribute my successful track record with the two to being versatile. Being a longtime musician, performer, writer, and producer myself...I am able to relate to others interested in the same topics by understanding their wants and needs. Having said that, I also have an office culture background and know that deadline objectives must be seen through. My ability to make sure all of those things get done and keep both sides satisfied speaks to the fact that I can work with the most left and right brained people out there. 

     I hope that the experiences and skill sets I described above will accurately convey to you my interest and commitment to working for, and with, you. These details touch more directly upon my abilities to put ideas into action. A result of my professional experience is the confidence I have that I can be an asset to your company. Thanks for your consideration!

Veteran Guitar Tech to the Stars Chris Draper says about Joe Diliberto..."It's not very often that I stand behind someone wholeheartedly, but Joe is one of THE top artist relations guys in the biz. The word "integrity" comes to my mind. He has always been a no B.S type of guy who strives to facilitate, and maintain, relationships beneficial to both the manufacturer and the artist. I really can't say enough good things about him.  If you're a vendor or manufacturer it would really behoove you to speak with Joe.  He has the contacts, and smarts, to handle artist relations for you. This is NOT a business about giving free gear away to every band that comes asking for it. It's a business about growing crucial and mutually beneficial relationships and protecting your brand. You'd be hard pressed to find better than Joe in this field!"

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